Friday, May 26, 2017

Diabetes Update in Bullets

  • I went to Boston this week to see if I was eligible to participate in a clinical trial working to reverse Type 1 diabetes using the BCG vaccine. The lab needed to run a c-peptide test (a measure of insulin production) and are accepting those with values between 5 and 200. (Note: A non-diabetic with a normal functioning pancreas would be between 170 and 900). My results came back at the lowest threshold of 1.5. What this means is that my actual value of c-peptide is AT MOST 1.5. There is a "second chance" to get into the study by having my urine tested, so I'm awaiting the urine test kit to do next week. I knew my chances of getting into the study were slim, but it's still stinky to not qualify.
  • Ever since joining a gym, and exercising every day, I've had to reduce my basal rates by 10%!!!! Apparently exercise increases sensitivity to insulin.
  • I'm uploading my pump and meter weekly to my diabetes educator and we are making changes. The biggest challenge right now is figuring out what to do to prevent lows, both while exercising and after exercising.
  • I had my A1c done on Monday, and it came back at 6.2!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those not diabetic would be between 4 and 6. A 6.2 puts my average blood sugar for the past 3 months at 131.
So, while I'm likely not going to be eligible to participate in finding a cure for diabetes (in this study), overall, my diabetes is doing well, and I'm living to fight another day.

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