Thursday, February 28, 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013

Pre-conception Consults

On November 19, 2012, Jon and I met with one of the MFM's at the high-risk clinic where we've received all of our pregnancy care. We wanted to talk over what happened with both of our pregnancies and come up with a game plan for a future pregnancy. As is usual for us, we brought a list of questions to ask regarding what had happened and possible actions to take in a next pregnancy to try to increase our odds of a complication-free pregnancy and full-term birth.

Floating, Swimming, Sinking, Repeat

I've been a mess of emotions lately.

Jon has been doing really well with his weight loss program. He's been exercising regularly (aiming for 1 hour per day). He's been sticking to the shakes/bars. He's been tempted and resisted temptation. This should make me extremely happy, and it does, yet...

Friday, February 15, 2013

A Happy Kind of Loss

Ever since I've known Jon, he's been overweight. According to him, there have only been two times during his entire life that he was not fat (when he swam competitively in high school and when he dropped weight to join the military). After years of me trying to support him in weight loss efforts, after some health scares and after him realizing that it's important for him to be healthy so that he can stay here as long as he can to watch Gus grow up and be with me, Jon has begun a medically managed weight loss program.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Simple Angel Ornament Instructions

1. Butterfly clips, sometimes called ideal clips-we used size small from Staples
2. Ribbon or string-we used 1/8 inch wid non-wired ribbon and used about 12" for each ornament
3. Beads or pears for head and halo-we used 8mm pearls and Classy Silver Wheel Beads, both from Jo-Ann
4. Paperclip-to help thread the ribbon through the pearl bead

Tittle's Day

Tittle’s day was difficult. Jon dropped Gus off at day care that morning, so I had a few minutes before I headed to my appointment with my counselor, Julianne. I purposefully scheduled my appointment for Tittle’s day, because I knew I’d need it. Just before I left the house I became inspired and posted on facebook a challenge to others do something sneaky and to let me know what the sneaky act was. I made a promise to myself that I would check on the responses until the end of the day, in hopes that people would sneak around and would give me some positivity at the end of a hard day. At my appointment, Julianne and I talked about things, I cried and I left feeling like I always do; my brain needed to process what we had talked about so that I could continue being okay with my new self since Oscar, Bella and Tittle died, how that affects my parenting of Gus and our journey towards a second rainbow.