Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Simple Angel Ornament Instructions

1. Butterfly clips, sometimes called ideal clips-we used size small from Staples
2. Ribbon or string-we used 1/8 inch wid non-wired ribbon and used about 12" for each ornament
3. Beads or pears for head and halo-we used 8mm pearls and Classy Silver Wheel Beads, both from Jo-Ann
4. Paperclip-to help thread the ribbon through the pearl bead

1. Using the paperclip, push the ribbon through the hole of the bead. once there is enough ribbon pushed through, pull the ribbon through until you have a nice large loop.
2. Thread the ribbon and pearl through the clip as shown below

3. Weave the loose ends of the ribbon through the loop and pull to create a knot.

 4. After the knot is tightened, slide the perl towards the paperclip. Your angel's head is now complete.

 5. Using the loose ends of the ribbon, thread on the halo.

6. Sliding the halo down toward the head, but leaving room to work, loop each end of the ribbon through the halo.

7. While holding the halo on top of the pearl, tighten the two loops to secure the halo.

8. Knot the loose ends of the ribbon together. Your angel ornament is now complete and ready for display.

Ideas for use/display:
1. Hang on a Christmas Tree
2. Hang on your wall at work
3. Hang from your rear-view mirror (though technically illegal)
4. Hang on a window using a suction cup
5. Use heavier string/ribbon/cord and use as a zipper pull on a purse or bag
6. Use longer ribbon and wear as a necklace

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