Friday, February 15, 2013

A Happy Kind of Loss

Ever since I've known Jon, he's been overweight. According to him, there have only been two times during his entire life that he was not fat (when he swam competitively in high school and when he dropped weight to join the military). After years of me trying to support him in weight loss efforts, after some health scares and after him realizing that it's important for him to be healthy so that he can stay here as long as he can to watch Gus grow up and be with me, Jon has begun a medically managed weight loss program.

On Monday Jon had his initial assessment where he met with a counselor and physician's assistant, had labs and was weighed in. Yesterday (happy Valentine's Day to us), Jon has his first class, which he needs to attend weekly. This morning, he started his first, of many, shake. For at least the next three months, but no longer than six months, Jon will be on a liquid-only diet, followed by five weeks of transitioning back to "regular" food and then learning how to keep losing/maintaining his weight loss.

I am excited for him. I am nervous for the beginning of the program as his body revolts against not chewing and the drastic reduction in calories. I look forward to learning with him healthier eating habits and trying new foods. I can't wait for him to redefine his relationship with food so that we can grow old together and see where our life will take us.

I hope that I can support Jon in the way that he needs me to support him. He started a blog last night, as a way to make himself accountable. For anyone that's reading, please stop over and give him words of support and encouragement. His first goal, given to him by the PA, is 260lbs, which the PA thinks he can get down to in 8 weeks.

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