Saturday, May 24, 2014

Calming Down, or Just Defeated

I'm still waiting for a call from the specialty pharmacy, but I'm much more confident that I'll be getting the P17 meds next week.

Wednesday I called the specialty pharmacy to inquire the proper way to get my paper prescription to them, and was told I could have my doctor's office fax it or I could bring it to a local store and the store could fax it to them. So, on Thursday I dropped off the paper script. After much waiting, no one knew exactly the correct protocol to get the script to the specialty pharmacy, so I had to wait while the pharmacy manager made a phone call to inquire, I left the pharmacy hopeful that I would get a call on Friday. One thing did concern me, though, the pharmacy manager told me that her computer told her that it would cost $8000, which is obviously much more than the $2100 I was expecting.

I tried not to worry too much, but couldn't help it until I heard from the specialty pharmacy and they confirmed my price. I relayed to Jon what I was told, and he called the specialty pharmacy and was given a price quote of $21,000! Then I became really worried. Why were we getting all these different prices? Thursday afternoon I received an email stating that I would be called by the specialty pharmacy within 24 hours. So, I tried to wait patiently on Friday for them to call, and they never did. So, I called them today.

The specialty pharmacy did receive my prescription, but they haven't called me yet because it's going through insurance verification. Apparently the note about it being a cash order, which I told the pharmacy manager, who told the rep she was talking to on the phone, did not get passed along to the actual department that process Makena prescriptions. So, I got that added to my prescription, learned that I would be called on Tuesday to continue processing the order, and that the price would be $2200 for the duration of the pregnancy. So, I'm feeling much better that I'm almost to the point of having the meds in my possession.

But, I'm also feeling defeated. I mean, after spending so much time, energy, money and effort on getting pregnant in the first place, to go through it all again to get meds to help keep me pregnant just made me tired and questioning why I fought to even get the script filled at a compounding pharmacy.

In happier news, my cervical length u/s went well, though the tech was a bit quiet/sullen/crabby during my appointment. I'm hoping she was just having a bad day. My cervix is still measuring well and I didn't have to fight to see Bean. I didn't get to know what Bean's heartbeat was, but we did get to see the heart beating.

And tonight, Jon got to feel Bean kick.

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  1. I'm glad things are getting sorted out, finally. I've been making a lot of specialty pharmacy phone calls, too, so I can relate - though fortunately I didn't have to worry about the financial aspect. Still, it's annoying that this is such a fight - we already lost two babies each, why all the extra hurdles?
    Kicking sounds wonderful. Hope things continue to go well.