Saturday, January 16, 2016

Post-Holiday Recap

Well, I got through Christmas, New Year's Eve and Oscar's and Bella's due date. We are now back in the swing of our regular schedule with school and our "regular" activities, but I thought it important to give a recap of our holidays.

Christmas was Christmas this year. After everyone was awake Jon got the cinnamon rolls started in the oven and we opened presents. It was good fun watching Gus and Lucy open their presents. Like I thought, their excitement would carry over to me. I tried to stay present with my living kids, tried to play with Gus and his new toys. Tried to read Lucy's new book with her. There were still times of "this is just another day", but there were really good times, too.
All the Christmas gifts. Gus counted them on Christmas morning
and reported that there were 24. Gus and Lucy have some very
giving relatives that sent gifts to them for Christmas.
New Year's Eve was pretty good. Cheesecake is important to Jon and me. So important that it was our wedding "cake". We registered for, and received springform pans for our wedding, but after 10 years of being married we still hadn't made a single cheeesecake. So, along with ham & cheese omelets (except for Gus who had ham and hard boiled egg) we had our very own homemade cheesecake! The crust was amazing, and Jon really liked the filling (we just needed more of it), and the top was not cracked at all. I was super proud of how it turned out for our first attempt.
Our very first cheesecake! Everyone loved it, even Lucy :)
Per our tradition, we made snow angels on Oscar's and Bella's due date (January 1). The snow was PERFECT for snow angels. Jon, Gus and I made really good snow angels, but Lucy made the saddest snow angel ever! I think her boot was bothering her, so she cried the entire time she was making (me laying her in the snow and moving her arms and legs) Firefly's snow angel.

It may not be Hallmark's  picture of the holidays, but this is what it was for us this year. Who knows what next year will look like. There were happy moments, sad moments and satisfying moments. And that's, I hope, what counts.

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