Friday, January 29, 2016

Tittle's Day Recap

Tittle's Day was harder this year, I think because it seemed to be just like a regular day. With Gus and Lucy, we get to do special things on their days, because they're here. On our angel's days, we still have regular life to deal with, and that's makes it feel like they are getting ignored.

Monday morning I had a physical therapy appointment for my shoulder, so a friend watched Lucy while I went. I then came home so Lucy and I could go grocery shopping. After getting home, Lucy and I made a cake, which Gus and I frosted right before dinner.
Gus said that the frosting should be green since that is Tittle's color.
It helped that the sprinkles that came with the frosting were dots!
We had breakfast for dinner (surprise!). Chocolate chip waffles with whipped cream and strawberries, sausage and the cake.
I was hoping to surprise Jon with the chocolate chips in the
waffles, but I would have needed way more whipped cream.
Surprise, the cake is orange inside! When we see sunrises or sunsets, since the
sky isn't usually green, Title's sky color is orange. This specific color on the
food coloring box is Sunset Orange.
After dinner we did regular family stuff, but after Gus and Lucy were in bed Jon and I watched Children of Men, while eating a Tittleized bag of skittles (Jon bought 3 different flavors of skittles and mixed the all together!) The movie wasn't that good, but the set-up of how we even got that movie, and the description of the movie, made it a good fit for Tittle's day.

Gus has seen commercials that Kung Fu Panda 3 will be in theaters soon. So, I updated our Netflix queue to send us the first movie so that we could watch the first two before taking him to see the newest one. Instead of sending us KFP3, we were sent Children of Men, and it was set to arrive ON Tittle's Day. I was so confused. I thought I had made a mistake in our queue. Well, turns out that I didn't make a mistake. There was a short wait for KFP3, so Netflix just sent us the next movie in our list.

Additionally, look at that movie description:

We needed fertility treatments to conceive, and we were so shocked that we conceived Tittle. Especially considering that he was only a 14mm follicle! There was no medical reason we should have gotten pregnant with Tittle, but we miraculously did.

Overall, I'm okay with how Tittle's Day turned out, but I have to be honest and say that I'm also looking forward to when I can focus a little more on him on his day.

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