Sunday, May 29, 2016

We are moving back!

Around 4pm on May 26, Jon received a phone call from his former/next boss and received a job offer. The salary wasn't quite what I was hoping for (who doesn't want more money), but it was in our acceptable range, and we are moving back to Wisconsin.

I will still get to be a SAHM. Gus didn't seem concerned about moving back at all, and when we pointed out all the positive things about moving back he was super excited. We did point out the things he would miss about Iowa, but he was super excited.

Jon will start his new position on June 27, but the kids and I will stay in Iowa until we either close on a house in WI or find a rental property to move into. We have begun searching for homes, but there aren't that many that fit our requirements in the elementary area that we want. The current market has a low inventory, so some houses are only on the market for a week! So, Jon drove out today, looked at the one house that met our requirements and wrote an offer. We gave a response time of 24 hours, and I'm hoping they accept. But, I'm not too hopeful. Their asking price is way too high, based on the comps that our realtor pulled, so even if we did offer full asking price, the deal would fall through when the appraisal came back too low. We also asked them do do a bunch of things, plus anything that would come back from the inspection. So, we'll see how they respond. Our realtor said that she couldn't 100% predict how the sellers would respond, but we'd give it a shot.

We also have to get our IA house ready to put on the market so that we can sell this place. We have so much decluttering to do, it's not even funny. But, we want this house in top showing shape right away, since the market here is slow. We are in a great location that is walking distance to almost everywhere, including both elementary schools, and half a block from the pool. We have an attached 2-car garage, which isn't typical in our neighborhood. We have a huge yard. I just hope that when it does go on the market we get an offer sooner rather than later. If the WI house goes through, we should have enough every month to pay both mortgages, but then we would be spending every cent of our income every month, with nothing left over and no wiggle room.

So, needless to say I'm a bit stressed out. I'm a worrier, so until everything is squared away and completed, I'm going to worry that the worst-case scenarios are going to become reality.


  1. Wow! What awesome news! I'm so glad it worked out with your husband's job for your family to move back to WI! I hope all the logistics work out without any issues!