Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Time Passes Quickly

I simply cannot believe that it's almost Christmas. Is that a good thing? That life is full that the days seem to fly by? While that may be true, I wish some days would slow down.

There is a "children's activity studio offering flexible drop off activities for children 1-6 years old" in our area that I sometimes drop Lucy off to so I can go to medical appointments or have a couple hours of time to get things done. She's gone three times this month so that I could wrap Christmas presents, work on cleaning our bedroom and today so I could run a bunch of errands around town. She is so much more outgoing than Gus and LOVES to go play with the other kids. Also, sees Gus get dropped off to school every day, and wants to be just like him, so she loves to go to her "school". Jon and I were already thinking of starting her at a preschool in Fall 2017, 2 mornings a week to give her more socialization. She is going to love it, and I'm going to sit back and wonder how it came to be that she is old enough to attend. When I drop her off right now, she barely says good-bye to me because she's already thinking of all the playing she can do.

While I'm grateful that she's not crying for me to stay, like Gus did, I wish she missed me just a little bit and that time would slow down somewhat so that I don't blink and she's running off to college.

Lucy made this adorable reindeer in school today

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