Monday, January 30, 2017

Tittle Day 2017-7 years

On January 25, it was 7 years since we found out that Tittle had died. This is the first year that I've looked forward to honoring his day. There were still some tears, which is expected, but overall, it was a great day honoring our sneaky Tittle.

We began honoring Tittle way back on January 5 with this FB post:

We are looking for suggestions for charitable giving. What organizations would you want money donated to and why?

Jon and I knew we were going to make sneaky donations based on those who responded and what organizations they responded with. So, late evening on January 24, after Gus and Lucy went to bed, Jon and I sat down and made nine surprise donations in honor of our friends that responded with organizations. It felt so good to do something sneaky, but also impactful, for Tittle Day. One of my biggest things with our donations in memory of our kids is to make sure that though they are not living, their short lives still have a positive impact on the world. Not only did we bring some love to our friends, but the organizations* that are dear to their hearts received some support, too.

Wednesday began with a sneaky snow day with 5-8" of snow falling overnight. I was planning on going to rent a movie to watch on either Wednesday night or Thursday morning (Lucy was supposed to be going to preschool on Thursday morning). As it turns out, Jon had a surprise for me! He came home before noon with a surprise treat for Gus and me, and so that I could go out to a movie, at a theater, for Tittle Day. Since Gus was home from the snow day, Gus and I went to see Monster Trucks, which was a great Tittle Day movie.

*The organizations we made donations to for Tittle Day:
Southern Poverty Law Center
Planned Parenthood
Easter Seals Wisconsin
The Road Home
Children's Heart Foundation
Molly Bears

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