Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Have you seen this picture?

Diary of a Little Chicken posted this picture on her most recent blog post. She found the picture from someone that posted it in a forum, and she doesn't know where it originally came from.

I desperately want to find the artist to see if he/she would be able to customize a piece to represent our family.

I know I don't have a huge readership, but I'm hoping that someone, somewhere knows something that can help me find the artist. It looks like the artist's name may be in the lower right-hand corner, but nothing that I'm entering into Google is returning any promising result.

Thanks for any help or suggestions!


  1. That's a lovely picture and really had me feeling emotional over it. I hope you're able to find the artist.

  2. Oh wow, that is beautiful and so symbolically spot on. If you can't find the original artist, maybe you could find someone who could reproduce something similar?

    Thinking of you and your whole beautiful family. xx

  3. Try this: Looks like this is Lost Child by Farhad Foroutanian. Good luck!

  4. I'll try to dig a little deeper to see if I can find an additional info for you! I love that picture too :-) I posted it on my facebook page the other day as well for our 6 month "anniversary" of our loss <3