Sunday, January 25, 2015

Tittle's Day 2015

5 years ago this today Jon and I learned that our 3rd child, Tittle died.

It was such a strange experience on January 25, 2010. Jon knew before I did, as he was standing right behind our doctor as he performed the u/s. Jon could see that there was only one heart beating instead of two. Our doctor told us that the other baby (Gus) didn't share any blood lines with Tittle, so he thought that Gus would be fine. We then went home. For I don't remember how long, I was just waiting for Gus to die, too. Tittle should not have been conceived, based on the size of the follicles at the time of trigger, but he was conceived. He sneaked into our family, and then, much too quickly, sneaked into Heaven.

Today we did several things to honor our Tittle:
  • Lucy wore a Tittle-inspired outfit--a pair of pajamas that is camouflage
  • Gus wore a blue shirt with a 3 on the front--a sneaky way of honoring our second son (blue) and our third child (the 3!)
  • Jon and Gus conducted a "sneaky" science experiment--putting mentos in Diet Coke to show all the hidden gas contained within the soda
  • Gus and I made Tittle Chow--we followed a recipe for Puppy Chow, but made some modifications. We used three cereals, so you didn't know what kind of cereal you were going to get, and instead of chocolate chips we used butterscotch
  • Jon set up a whole bunch of Tittle foods: foods pretending to be other foods (gummy pizza, hot dogs and hamburgers), a mixture of several types of Skittles (so you wouldn't know what flavor you were getting) and Tittle cakes (the heart shaped zebra cakes)
  • We also watched The Lego Movie, which we think Tittle would have liked to watch if he was here to pick out his own birthday movie
  • Oh, and I tricked Jon into changing Lucy's poopie diaper...I'm sneaky.
I wish Tittle was here. I wish we didn't have to do things in his memory and that he was here to make memories with us. I hope he enjoyed watching us be sneaky in his honor today.


  1. I lost our third child on January 25th as 2013. Our son's share heavenly birthdates.

    1. In the sad babyloss mama way, that's really cool. I can imagine them having a joint birthday party!