Sunday, February 1, 2015

Meeting with Principal and Teachers

On Wednesday, we met with Gus' principal and teachers to discuss Gus getting pushed.

On Monday, Gus was not pushed, but he saw someone else get pushed by C. On Tuesday, Gus said he was pushed by C while standing in line; C was behind him. When asked if he told his teachers, Gus shared that he was standing in line, and needed to stay in line. He knew that it was against the rules to get out of line, so he didn't say anything to the teachers because he didn't want to break a classroom rule.

Overall, the meeting was more of a touchy-feely meeting, which I wasn't pleased about, but the teachers and principal were able to see how much this is affecting Gus, and are being more conscious about C's actions in the classroom, which I'm happy with. I'm really hoping that this is the end of Gus being pushed, that C matures throughout the rest of the year and that I can stop asking Gus, "Did any pushing happen today?" when I pick him up from school.

Jon and I are still going to move forward with touring the private school that we could enroll him in, but unless there is something exceptional about that school, I think he'll be staying right where he is.


  1. This is such a tough situation. My son had a child like C in his daycare class for a couple of years. He would bite, push and hit. At first, we weren't certain which kid it was (when they were too young to talk) but, as they got older, we realized it was always the same kid. He finally left the daycare, but I'm sure we'll encounter similar situations as time goes on. Good luck to you!

    1. Thank you. It's definitely a tough situation to be in.