Thursday, November 29, 2012

I don't like feeling like this

I’m bitter. I’m bitter and angry. I’m bitter and angry that I tried to do the right thing and now I’m the one who’s been chastised, kicked out and looked at as a drama queen. I’m angry that something that used to bring me comfort as something to do for Oscar, Bella and Tittle has been tainted. I’m saddened that I’m questioning not going to group anymore because I don’t want to share my kids and my life with her anymore, and don’t feel comfortable there anymore. I’m upset that the words and actions of one person are having this effect on me. I’m frustrated that I can’t LET THIS GO and move on with my life in honoring my kids how I did before. I want to stop questioning how someone will interpret what I put on facebook, so instead don’t put anything. I want to stop doubting myself and reach out to my friends, but they are still IN the group. I don’t want to be hurt again, so don’t reach out at all and feel so alone. I’m hoping that my counselor will be able to give me a better perspective on this to help me.

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