Friday, March 14, 2014

9w2d-History Did Not Repeat Itself

9w2d: January 25, 2010. I had some spotting over the weekend, was very scared and needed an u/s to confirm what was going on. Our fertility clinic was able to get us in right away, so Jon and I headed out the door.  Dr. O began the u/s and Jon knew right away that something wasn't right. He only saw one beating heart instead of two. Our Tittle was dead.

9w2d: March 14, 2014. We had a scheduled appointment at the Perinatal Clinic. Jon and I knew we would not be happy if we did not get confirmation that Bean was still alive. We shared the significance of the gestational age we were with the nurse. She told us she had to try with the doppler before they could do an u/s. I knew she wouldn't be able to find Bean's heartbeat with the doppler, so I had no anxiety as she was searching and searching.

She needed to go download my pump and I needed to go pee in a cup. A short time after I got back in the room a different nurse came in and asked if she could try to find it on the doppler. I figured she wouldn't, but she tried. She then went out and got an u/s machine and brought it into the room, got it plugged in and we waiting for it to boot up. Just as it was ready the MFM fellow came in and did the u/s. I couldn't see the screen at all, but Jon could. He wasn't saying anything, but he was getting scared. He could see Bean, but there was no movement and no heartbeat. Then, the doc moved the transducer and there it was...a beautiful beating heart.


  1. Glad everyone's ok!

    1. Thanks, though Jon is worried he'll start to have nightmares from when he though there was no heartbeat. I'm hoping he doesn't.

  2. Oh Brianna, I'm crying happy tears for you. Such wonderful, wonderful news.

  3. So happy to read this news Brianna!

  4. So glad everything looks good with Bean!