Saturday, March 22, 2014

My last group

It really hasn't sunk in that Wednesday will be my last day at work, in our house or in WI.

Thursday was our monthly bereaved parent support group-the last one I will likely ever attend. I thought it would be difficult emotionally, but I'm blocking. I'm blocking my emotions about moving because I think they're just too heavy for me to deal with right now. I think it will really hit me next week, after we've begun moving in to the new house.

Gus last day of preschool was Friday. I had Jon do drop-off and pick-up because I knew that that would be a situation that I would leave the school crying if I had to do it. I worry so much about setting up a new life in a completely different state where I don't know anyone. Will Gus make friends? Will I enjoy being a SAHM? Will we make friends?

Today we're having a going away get-together for Gus. I think it will be crazy and hectic, but I don't think that even that will make it sink in that our days here are extremely limited. I just hope that when the floodgates of my emotions open that I'm able to deal with them in an okay manner.

We'll see.


  1. It is a lot to go from working to SAHM. It took us 13 years to have Isaac--and of those 13 years I worked ALL OF THEM. For me, I love being at home. What I did was make myself a pseudo schedule--Monday for example I'd do the laundry and then take him to Lapsit (reading time) at the library. Tuesday was scrub kitchen and bathroom day and then a trip to the local park. Wednesday I'd clean the dining room and living room and then go to a play date...etc. I found to be very helpful--you plug in your interests and local and can find a TON of play groups, and groups for Mom and Dad. Isaac has made a group of friends this way, as have I. Just give it a whirl and don't sweat the small stuff! Everything has a way of working out!

    1. I know, in my head, that everything will work out, but you know how it is when you start to worry about the unknown? That's me.