Tuesday, March 11, 2014

This Move is Getting Real

We've had three showings on our house since it was put on the market on February 27. The last showing was on Sunday. Yesterday we received an offer.

We received it later in the day (about 7pm) and didn't get to speak with our listing agent until 8:30pm. The offer was for $3,000 below our list price (yea!), but asked for our washer, dryer and microwave. I'm sad about the washer/dryer because, I think, it's a nice high-efficiency washer. It is 8 years old, but still, I'm going to miss it. I know the features, I like how much I can fit in one load, I know that I can put it on a timer! The microwave just blows my mind. This is not an above-range microwave. This is a standalone microwave that sits on our counter. I didn't want to get rid of our microwave, but Jon did. "The less we rock the boat, the more likely we are to sell this house. That's less time that we'll have to pay two mortgages, keep the insurance, hire someone to care for the lawn after we move and worry about getting it sold." So, I relented. We will also say good-bye to our microwave :(

Our IA house does have a w/d and microwave, but I don't like them. The w/d is currently located in the master bedroom and is a stackable unit. I have no idea what brand it is, what size it is, what features it has, how old it is or how well it works, so I hope it's okay, at least okay enough until we can buy a new w/d, install them in the basement. Once that happens, we can remove the stackable unit from our bedroom and hopefully have the funds to fix anything in the bedroom (remove the pipes/connections and repair the wall) from when the w/d were installed. And the microwave is an above-range unit. Some people love these microwaves as they don't take up counter space, but I'm short, and I have a toddler who likes to be able to open/close the microwave and push the buttons to make it run. So, as with the w/d, when we have funds to replace the current microwave with a regular range hood and buy a standalone microwave, we'll be doing that.

One would imagine that this (the offer on the WI house, confirming what appliances will/won't be moved to IA) is great news and that I'm excited. I am, but I'm also terrified, scared and nervous. Getting an offer on our WI house just solidifies the fact that my days living in WI are numbered. My days of knowing who and what is around me are coming to an end. My days of being in the same city where all my angels were born, my support group, their remembrance places will all be left behind; that's what terrifies me, I think, more than anything.

Jon says that I should start a support group if there isn't one near where we're moving and that we can donate a memorial bench for Oscar, Bella, Tittle and Firefly to a local park. We can do all those things, but it's not the same. It's not the same to know that here I have a group that knows my history, knows my kids, all of them, knows what we've gone through, and are going through, as our lives march forward. And it's all getting a bit too real right now to think about how, not only do we know no one where we're moving to, but NO ONE knows about our kids in Heaven. No one knows their names, no one knows that, at present, there are six kids in my heart: one that can be seen, one that is growing and four that, to people we don't know, are invisible.

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