Thursday, October 29, 2015

Gus' Costume is Done!!

I finished Gus' costume almost one hour ago, and I am so happy.

It's not perfect, there are some mistakes and I purposefully skipped the very last step to do a finishing stitch around the hood, but it's done. I put on FB that other than my kids, it's probably the one thing I've made that I'm most proud of. We'll see what Gus thinks of the entire ensemble in the morning.

As a bonus, he gets to wear it three times this year. He'll wear it tomorrow as school for the costume parade, Friday for trick-or-treating downtown and Saturday for neighborhood trick-or-treating. The biggest concern I have is with the tail. Because I had to shorten the torso and legs, but forgot to shorten the tail, the tail drags on the ground. I put some packing tape on the bottom of the tail to protect it, so keep your fingers crossed that this protects the material.

Tomorrow I get to make Lucy's cape :)

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