Saturday, October 10, 2015

Lucy is One!

Today was Lucy's birthday. I only cried a few times, but would have balled way more had we not also had her party today.

I don't know where the last year went. I don't know how we went from Lucy being born to her being one year old. It seriously felt like time flew by.

Lucy has been a toddler for about 2 months now, but I refused to admit it until her birthday. One week ago we went and got her first pair of big girl shoes, and she walks so well in them. She's currently working on increasing her walking speed. She's a very busy girl and is always walking around. She'll walk to a toy, pick it up, carry it across the room, hand it to me, pick something else up, walk back across the room, sit down, stand up, pick something up and repeat and repeat and repeat. She's lost a bunch of the chub on her legs because of how much she's walking.

She's a little tart and flirt. Jon will hold out his arms so she can walk to him, she'll walk straight at him, then at the last second smile, turn and walk away from him. She'll flirt with almost anyone, and she's mostly a happy baby toddler.

She is WAY more independent than Gus was/is. She wants to do stuff herself, which forced us to do baby-led weaning with her. She has a mind of her own. She's extremely persistent and determined.

I know that this is scattered and not well thought out, but I wanted to get this down on her official birthday, because the way time is going, I may wake up tomorrow and she'll be in college.

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