Friday, January 18, 2013

29 months

Dear Gus,

Today you are 29 months old. Sometimes I just can’t believe that you’re ours and that you’ve been with us for over two years already. As many times and Daddy and I tell you that you’re a big boy, you are still, and perhaps will always be, my little boy. I love in the morning when we’re trying to get us all ready to leave the house, but you have to stop routine because you want to cuddle with me. I love how this morning, after you took a piece of my cereal without asking, Daddy corrected you, and then you said, in the sweetest way, “Can you share with me, please?” I love how you are a sponge and soaking up all sorts of information (new concepts and words) and how adorable it is when it only makes partial sense when you repeat the information back to us. I love how yesterday, when I went to check on you in the morning, because I heard you crying, you told me to go away and when I came back in 10 minutes to start getting you ready for the day you were singing to yourself and happy. I love how much of a helper you are. As much as it breaks my heart that you know the words (strip, test stuff, pump, low blood sugar) I love that you want to help me “get one strip” and help put it in my meter.

I am so lucky to be your mom. I know I’m not the best mom all the time, but I try every day to be the best mom I can be for you. Happy 29 months, Gus. I love you much.


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