Monday, March 18, 2013

Update #2 on Exercise Goal

I'm not very pleased with how my progress is going on my exercise goal, but I'm still going to hold myself accountable and keep working on it, even if it takes me longer to achieve.

 March 12
 I think the world is conspiring against me. I was RESOLVED to get up this morning and exercise. My water bottle was filled the night before. My clothes were ready for me to put on. I woke up a few minutes BEFORE the alarm. But all this progress came to a halt when my blood glucose result came back at 48, much too low to go exercise. I'm thinking the world is either telling me that I shouldn't exercise...or it's telling me that I need to find a different time to exercise. With either one, I'm not sure how that's really going to work out (pun intended).

March 13
I forgot to reset the alarm for 4:30 last night, so the alarm chirped me awake at 5:15am. I was low again, so even if the alarm had gone off at the right time, I think I would have been too low to exercise anyway. I uploaded my pump and meter this morning, emailed my diabetes educator (specifically pointing out that I can't exercise with these lows) and am awaiting some changes to my basals.

March 14
I received some changes for my basal rates yesterday, but it was another late night, so no getting up to exercise today :( I think I overestimated how easy of a transition Gus had to Daylight Savings Time. I left his room (for the last time) at 8:52pm. We usually leave around 8pm...

March 15
The alarm went off at 4:30am, I swear, but I certainly didn't hear it. Jon must have turned it off and let me sleep in (Thank you!). When the alarm went off again at 5:15am my blood sugar was 38, so I think, even if I had gotten up I wouldn't have been able to exercise anyway :(

March 16-17
The weekend!!! I don't even try to formally exercise on the weekend. I reserve this for making sure that Jon gets his exercise in. Jon did let me sleep in until 10:30 on Sunday, and he would have let me sleep in even longer if I hadn't been awakened by my little Gus. It was so nice to just sleep.

March 18
With Jon letting me sleep in yesterday, one would think that I would be raring to go this morning. That was not the case. I didn't check the alarm before bed, so it went off at 5:15 like normal. *sigh*

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