Thursday, March 14, 2013

When Jon's Away So Am I

I hate very much dislike when Jon is gone. Jon's job provides our family with a nice income, and he enjoys his work, but I don't like when he's gone so much. By the time March is over, he will have been gone for 5 weeks since the beginning of December.

This week Jon is at IWCE, where he presented as part of a panel yesterday. He did a GREAT job, and he said he felt like a rock star afterwards. This has been on the calendar for months, but then a client needed him to travel and it just happened to be the week before and the week after (though we just found out today that the third trip is being moved one week forward). His boss knows that this is too much travel, but when you're on the revenue side of the company, you kind of have to cater to the clients.

I understand that. I'm making my peace with it. Gus and I have been doing well while Jon is off making the big bucks, but being a single-parent sucks! I have time to do just the minimum of things. I'm days behind on laundry. I'm exhausted, which really conflicts with my exercise goal. I haven't checked the mail in three days. I'm able to log in to my Google reader, which will be shutting down in a few months (NOOOOOOO!) only after I put Gus to sleep, but am really only able to skim the posts and mark those that I REALLY want to comment on as unread so that I can try to find time to comment on them later.

I haven't posted here (really) since March 6, which makes me sad. I think whenever Jon is gone I just have to put a lot of things on hold, including my connection to myself, my blog reading and my blog writing. I don't like this, but it's a sacrifice I have to, and am willing to, make, but is something that I will be talking to Jon about to see if he has any suggestions on how to make his time away from home a little easier on me so that I can still have some time for me.


  1. Sounds like you guys have a pretty full plate right now! I hope you manage to find a way to comprimse on the time committments so that you get some much deserved 'Me time'. And I have to say, I'm honored that you fouond time in the midst of all that to comment on my humble little blatherings. Your support is so much appreciated!

  2. I wonder if you could find time to read after dinner with Gus sitting down for a bit of TV time. Maybe not every day, but every other day? I know it is hard with me gone, but you do a great job. I love you.