Thursday, September 5, 2013

In contrast: Update on Gus

In contrast to my earlier post, I just had to share all the positive things going on with Gus.

Gus has been doing GREAT in his big boy bedroom. He loves that we can lay in his bed with him to read books. I loves the dinosaurs on his blanket. He loves that he can easily reach his clock/radio to turn on music for dancing time. He's just beginning to love his headboard. Only once (and it was at nap) has he gotten out of his bed and come out of his room.

I know that he's been ready for a big boy room for a little bit now, but I can't believe that he's ready! He's still just my little guy. It does help me that he still needs a little bit of help climbing into his bed. At least for now, he still needs me like a little boy needs his mama.

Gus started his new preschool yesterday and he had a FABULOUS day. I was worried that he would have regression with potty-training, wouldn't talk to his teachers, play with the other kids or learn the rules of the new school quickly. I didn't need to worry as much as I did, but I couldn't help it. His teachers said that he had a great first day, it didn't show one bit that it was his first day at the school, he has the cutest personality and they already love him. I asked him if he made any friends; he did, but he doesn't know any of their names. Several times yesterday he asked if he could go back to preschool. This just made me so happy that he needed no real adjustment time with his new school and he LIKES IT!!

Today we had Gus' 3-year physical; I can't believe he's 3!! He's a whopping 31 pounds (with shirt, shorts, underwear and socks on) and 36.75 inches tall (he's unfortunately going to be a short man). He's at the 43rd percentile for height, 23rd for weight and 58th for BMI. So, overall he's average, but I still wish he were a little taller. According to some online height predictors, he'll end up being the current average height for a US male: 5'9", which seems really short to me.

He had his first toddler eye exam, which he passed. He has his blood pressure taken on his arm just like a grown up! He interacted with the nurse and doctor by answering their questions and being so polite. He's even old enough (because he can sniff on command) to get the nasal mist flu vaccine instead of the shot! We got confirmation from the doc that he is a leftie, that he's right on track developmentally and that the sign that he's ready to start night/nap training is that he wakes up dry. So, until he starts waking up dry we're in pull-ups for nap/bed.

There's also a program at our clinic that a child receives a book at every routine check-up until the age of 5. The doc handed Gus his book and he asked her if she would read it to him! He's such a sweetie and I love him to pieces.

I'm so thankful that he's mine, that I get to help him grow and that he's such a wonderful person.

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