Sunday, March 1, 2015

Not looking forward to March

I know it's already March 1, so it may be incorrect to say I'm not looking forward to March, but that's what I'm going with.

Jon left for a business trip today. He was supposed to leave late morning, but he got a notification around 8am that his plane was cancelled. So, he quickly packed up and headed out the door to drive the 1.5hours to the airport. The entire drive he was on hold with the airline to speak with an agent about changing his flights--he never got to talk with a human. Once at the airport, he was able to secure the last ticket on a flight that was going to the same state he was traveling to, so that was a good thing. But, he did have to leave 2 hours earlier than anticipated, which meant I didn't get to bathe today :( And, he couldn't take Gus out to breakfast like he said he was going to before he left for his trip. Gus didn't seem to mind, but you never can tell with kids.

This morning, before the flight got cancelled, I was carrying Lucy to go feed her in her room and caught my pinky toe on her exersaucer. I was able to keep it together, not cry out in pain to scare Lucy, or drop her, but I think I either broke it or sprained it. As of tonight, it's still painful, hurts to walk and has some very dark bruising going on.

Staying with my feet, I've been having an ongoing issue with both big toe toenails since the end of January. Towards the end of Lucy's pregnancy, my big toes started hurting. I thought it was just that my feet were swelling and my tennis shoes were becoming too uncomfortable. Finally, in December I was fitted for new shoes. I went from a 6.5 to a 7.5! Needless to say, I bought a new pair of tennis shoes, and now those are the only shoes I have that fit my feet. Anyway, before bed on January 30, I noticed that my toenails were yellowed and hadn't grown at all since the last time I had clipped them. Then, I noticed that there was some blood seeping out around the cuticle on one of the nails. With my diabetes, I didn't want to take any chances, so I went to urgent care the next day, got prescribed an antibiotic and followed up with a podiatrist on February 3. The official diagnosis is ingrown toenails, but all three residents who saw me, prior to be being seen by the main docs had never seen ingrown toenails at the base of the nail, only on the sides. Anyway, after confirming that this was from wearing my too small tennis shoes and that it wasn't outside of normal for there to be such a huge delay in the appearance on symptoms, I continued on the antibiotics, but things weren't getting better on my right foot. I've now been to the podiatrist 4 times, the last one being February 26. At my next appointment, currently scheduled for March 12, they are going to remove the toenail on my right big toe and let it regrow from scratch. I am NOT looking forward to this. I've never had any issues with my feet, which I've always been on top of with my diabetes, and now I have to have a nail removed? What if it really, really hurts? What if something goes wrong and I have to have my toe amputated? Oh, she's diabetic and didn't take care of herself and now she's lost a toe. No, I was pregnant and wore too small shoes. Really? Jon and I are trying to make light of it in saying that Lucy just wanted us to have to go shoe shopping together, but I really am nervous that something's going to go really wrong with the procedure.

Jon has two additional business trips in March. Not looking forward to him being gone for one-third of the month. Yes, he will be gone for a total of 10 days this month split over three trips.

Kindergarten Round Up is on March 20. Where we live, there are two elementary schools. The first one houses EC4, EC5 and kindergarten. EC4 is preschool for children who turn 4 by September 15. EC5 is preschool for kids who turn 5 by September 15, but are not ready for kindergarten. These are part of a state-wide grant and are not mandatory education. Kindergarten, also, is not mandatory in Iowa (crazy!), which I think is why they are housed in a separate building. Anywho, at Kindergarten Round Up, the kids get to come in, meet all the teachers and have a little fun looking forward to kindergarten. I think parents can register their children for school, if they haven't participated in EC4 or EC5, and receive some sort of information packet. With the pushing that's happened with Gus, Jon and I will be using this time to choose his kindergarten teacher. What if there's no clear standout, from the time we have, for who his teacher should be? What if we choose a teacher, but he still has a difficult year next year? And, Jon and I still aren't even settled on whether or not Gus will go to this public school or if we're going to switch him to the private school! I'm not looking forward to having to make this decision.

Can March be over yet?

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