Sunday, February 26, 2017

Diabetes: A Day in the Life-2/25/17

In my attempt to move my diabetes to a higher priority than it currently is, I thin I need to think about it a little more, pay more attention to it, and fully realize what a big part of my life it is. So, a random diabetes day in the life.

1:00 am-Wake up covered in sweat. I'm low. I need to get up and check my sugar. Head to the kitchen. Blood sugar is 68, higher than I expected to be with how sweaty I am and how I feel. Drink 8oz of apple juice and sit down. Worried that since I don't have a sensor in I'll still drop before I wake up for the day, so eat all 10 of my candy peach ring o's that I told Lucy I would share with her at lunch.

7:30am-Awoke at 7:15. Worried that I'm super high because of over-correcting my low. Talk to Gus first, then go check sugar. 199. Higher than I would like, but not over 300 like the last time I had a midnight low.

8:30am-Just finished breakfast after weighing out my cereal and milk, and entering my breakfast into My Fitness Pal so I can bolus for the correct number of carbs. Blood sugar is 136, a nice drop from my correction at 7:30am, but a little worried that I'm coming down too fast and that insulin on top of my breakfast bolus will cause me to have a hypo before lunch.

9:45am-Finished my shower and dressed for the day. Feel super low. Blood sugar is 79. Not low, but I'm feeling hypo symptoms. Eat 1 tablespoon of raisins to hopefully stop me from potentially dropping more and remove hypo symptoms, but hopefully not raise my sugar too much.

10:30am-In the laundry room changing loads with the kids. Hypo symptoms return. Get everyone upstairs. Blood sugar is 74. Drink some juice so I don't overcorrect and begin thinking of what I need to do so I can still get us all to the grocery store without having more hypo symptoms and without over-correcting.

12pm-Home from the store and groceries put away. Begin making lunch when I feel hypo symptoms again. Ask Gus to occupy Lucy do zi csn make lunch qiicker.

12:30pm-Finished with lunch. Blood sugar is 137. WTH? Why am I having so many hypo symptoms today?

2:40pm-Remembered that I didn't enter my 1am low correction into MFP. I've treated so many lows today that I only have 3 calories remaining for the day. Did my 2 hour post meal check and I'm at 60. Fuck! How am I ever going to lose weight, much less maintain weight, when I have to eat to bring my BG up? After correcting for this low I am already over my suggested calorie intake for the entire day and have eaten almost 800 calories just for treating lows. 800!!!!! It is obvious I need some basal adjustments and possibly bolus ratio adjustments as well.

5:50pm-Holy cow, how did it get this late. I hope my sugar is okay. 217? Crap. When will dinner be ready?

6:48pm-My god, we are finally at McDonald's after getting tired of waiting for my friend's husband to cook peanut chicken. My blood sugar should be fine. Let's eat and get home. Lucy is definitely going to going to bed late tonight.

7:33pm-Crap, I haven't checked or bolused for dinner yet. 55? Are you kidding me? Down another bottle of juice. *sigh*

8:52pm-I never did bolus for dinner. How high am I going to be now with all that fatty food? I don't have a sensor in, so I could run high all night long without warning. What do I do? How much do I bolus? Blood sugar is 156, not bad, but what's going to happen later? I'll bolus for 30g of carbs and hope that doesn't drop me too low and is enough to keep me from being 300 for the whole night. Just updated MFP. Total calories for the day: 2657. Total calories to treat lows: 913. No wonder I'm gaining weight.

10:05pm-Gettng ready for bed. This is hopefully my last check of the day, but if a low wakes me up I'll have to deal with that. BG is 154. Do I bolus extra to continue covering dinner or not? I think I'm going to risk it and not bolus. Fingers crossed I don't go sky-high overnight.

* I did go high overnight. At 2:30am I had to treat a blood sugar of 316.

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