Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Reflections on our move: 7 months later

It has been almost 7 months since we've moved. There are a few things I miss about Iowa, but overall, I am so, so glad that we are back.

I feel so much more comfortable back in WI. There are so many options for things to do, not that we get out and do them all, but having options is a nice change. I don't necessarily have MY ONE-my friend that I could call on at any time of day, but I'm hoping that will come with time. I have two friends that I can call on that might be able to help out, so I'm not totally alone in the world.

The dynamic of the city is so much better for me. Tolerance, open-mindedness, various opinions and beliefs living beside each other, usually, peacefully. While there are certainly people who believe and do things that aren't my cup of tea (usually in regards to eating, health or raising kids), there is an unspoken understanding that we can all do things differently and all be okay with our own choice.

What do I miss about IA? The pool being a half-block away. So many things being within walking distance. My friend, Stephanie. The small school, in that the teachers and staff knew who I was and I knew who they were. But, as I've stated before, those things did not add up to be good enough reasons to stay. Gus' school is a little too big for my taste, and he only has one recess, but they actually did a celebration of the world unit before winter break. That never would have happened in IA. He has diversity in his classroom!!!!! Something he certainly did not have in IA. Lucy is going to preschool. Gus is in swimming lessons. Neither of these were available to us in IA. Jon has a gym membership and goes every day. I'm in two exercise classes a day. We didn't have these available to us in IA.

So, overall, being back has been great.

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