Tuesday, February 7, 2017

I'm Scared

I was really, really hoping that another person in the Senate would vote no for Betsy DeVos. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. And now, I'm feeling scared, anxious and nervous.

For two years I taught high school mathematics (algebra and geometry). I love math. I love education. I love that in public schools a child gets to experience topics and people that they might not otherwise. Having Betsy DeVos as our Secretary of Education scares me because I fear for Gus' and Lucy's education.

Just because I'm a former teacher does not mean I'm qualified to teach elementary subjects, or my own kids. That's why I trust the teachers in public schools, who have gone to school, specialized in their grade levels and continue their education to become better educators. Unfortunately, politics has invaded schools. For some areas, IDEA, that is a good thing. For other areas, that is not a good thing.

Today, a vote was cast, not just for the Secretary of Education, but for the future of education in our country and the importance of education for our children. Our representatives, the people that are supposed to support our views and beliefs, voted that educating our children is not important and that a person who has never received a public education, nor sent her kids to public schools, is now going to be in charge of advising policies on education across the nation. I am sad that we are not placing more value on education. I am angry that an unqualified person has been confirmed to this position. And I am scared for my kids', and all kids', futures.


  1. As a parent of a kid on an IEP, I'm petrified.

    1. As if dealing with IEP's, their meetings and looking out for what's best for your child in school isn't hard enough, now this. Hugs, mama.