Friday, August 2, 2013

CD22 and still not triggering

I'm working on a picture post from Oscar's and Bella's birthday, but I never seem to remember to grab the camera and get the pictures when I'm at home. So, hopefully I'll be doing THAT post this weekend. So, here is our latest fertility treatment update.

This morning we had an u/s and labs. My lead follicle went from 11.9 to 15.17 in two days, and I now have a secondary follicle at 13.48. My lining jumped from 8.21 to 10.99, and it's beautiful. My estrogen went from 540.8 to 786. I think, if Jon didn't have this work trip, we would probably take two more days of meds before triggering. But, since he's flying out on Sunday, we're moving right along.

Tonight we're upping my follistim dose from 125 to 200 to hopefully increase that lead follicle and get my secondary follicle to release, too. I go in tomorrow for a final u/s, and unless something crazy happens I will trigger tomorrow night. We will then do IUI #1 on Sunday morning with a fresh sample from Jon, who will leave directly from there and go to the airport. Then, on Monday morning, to coincide with ovulation, I will do IUI #2 with a frozen sample from Jon.

Let me just say that this is so far removed from any cycle that we've done before that I really have no idea what to expect. Jon has never not been here for and IUI. In past we've joked about how he doesn't even need to be in the same room as me to get me pregnant. Now, he's not only going to not be in the room, but he'll be in a different state. I know that this makes Jon sad. I know that he wants to be with me for all of the appointments to be my support and strength, but I know he wants to be there for himself, too. We also are using a frozen sperm sample, which we've never done before.

I really don't know what to expect or what to hope for. My goal is to stay calm the next two weeks, which is going to be easier said than done. Jon flies out on Sunday and returns on Friday night. So, I'll be single-parenting. Usually when Jon is gone I have MANY late nights trying to get everything done (dishes, meal prep, lunch packing, taking care of Gus). To help with this, the plan for tomorrow is to get as much done as possible with meal prep so that I don't have as many late nights.

The week after Jon returns is our wedding anniversary, bereaved parent support group and Gus' birthday with party. I know that all these things will keep me busy over the next two weeks, but I want to remain CALM, not stressed. Hopefully that's what the next two weeks will be. Filled to keep my mind off of the TWW, but not stressful.

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