Monday, August 5, 2013

Picture Post: Oscar's and Bella's 4th Birthday

Jon and I spent Oscar's and Bella's birthday doing things to remember them.

First, we dropped Gus off at day care. At some age, we will involve Gus in their birthday, but he's not old enough yet to know that Oscar's and Bella's birthday is about them, not him. So, off to daycare he went. We then headed to the grocery store where we picked out meals that we think Oscar and Bella would have picked if they were here. I was in charge of Oscar's breakfast and snack and Bella's lunch and dinner. After our shopping was complete, we headed to the food pantry to donate everything in their names. Next, we headed to a movie that we would have taken our 4-year-old to-Monsters University. Next, we headed to the zoo to see the giraffes and the park to see their bench. We then picked up Gus, went to buy balloons and released them to Heaven. I wish they were here. I wish we did things with them, instead of for them. I hope they enjoyed their birthday.

Food donated by our friends and Oscar's and Bella's Open House
Coincidence that Oscar would choose chocolate milk and Bella would choose white milk?
Oscar: Oatmeal with dried blueberries
Bella: Oatmeal with fresh straweberries
Oscar: PB&J on texas toast with munchies and Kool-Aid
Bella: "Fancy" grilled cheese with princess chicken noodle soup,
apple juice and craisins
Oscar: Golfish MEGA cheese puffs
Bella: Yogurt covered pretzels
Oscar: Mini corn dogs, pineapple, bakes beans, peas/carrots and cookie pie
Bella: Coconut shrimp, 3-cheese broccoli, fresh cherries, applewood smoked bacon potatoes
and chocolate/marshmallow cookies.

Jon and I both agreed that Bella would think that she would like this dinner
because it was fancy, but she really wouldn't like the shrimp.
All the food being weighed at the food bank.
We would have taken them to see Monsters University.
Bella would have loved the short. Oscar would have loved the movie.
Playing at the zoo
We think Bella was "basking" and Oscar was just trying to stay out of the way.
Mom, Oscar and Bella looking at the giraffes.
Watching giraffes with Dad.
Their names on the memorial benches
Sneaky Tittle!
Gus chose Elmo, I chose Happy Birthday and Jon chose Princess

Gus just before releasing his balloon to the party in Heaven
Our balloons going to Heaven.


  1. Oh Brianna, I am sorry I missed this post. But what a beautiful way to remember and celebrate your Oscar and Bella! This looks like such a special day.

    Happy Birthday you two! Your mom and dad love you so much. xo

    1. Thanks, Sadie. Jon and I have found it very helpful to think that because of Oscar and Bella, other people's lives are improved. In this way, they are still having a positive impact on the world even if they aren't physically here.