Thursday, April 18, 2013

32 Months

Dear Gus,

Today you are 32 months old. You are slowly approaching the big 3. We've already transitioned you from a crib to a big boy toddler bed, and Daddy and I are talking about giving you a new room with a big, big boy bed. You attended a birthday party last weekend, and beautifully rocked a kilt. You were so excited when I finished sewing it, that I have a video of you wearing it over your polar bear pajamas and doing big spins. Grandpa Steve came down for a weekend and it was so great to see the two of you bonding. So much so, that we've used "breakfast with Grandpa" as a piece of leverage to keep you on track with potty training.

Potty training is going okay, especially since we came up with a new strategy: sticker charts. Since we started a few weeks ago you've already earned a trip to the bouncy place. Now, you are working towards "camping stuff". If you don't change your mind before you fill up your chart, your heart right now is set on your "very own flashlight". I can just picture you turning it on and off, on and off, on and off, over and over and over.

Daddy and I need to reign in your TV watching. You frequently come home after school and ask to watch it, or ask to watch it before breakfast. Last night I was successful in redirecting you by asking if you wanted to read a book. You promptly picked up your Clifford dictionary. We almost got through letter G before Daddy started tickling you and we did that instead.

I love how Daddy wanted dancing to be part of your bedtime routine. You have the best dance moves, and I love it when you tell us to dance, including what dance moves we should do. You've also started singing a lot more. Daddy told me that yesterday on the drive home from school the two of you sang the entire time.

At the same time that I love that you are turning into a little boy, I hate that the time is going by so quickly. You are, ever so slowly, learning how to ride you strider bike. You love to play outside. You have begun loving to do things as a family. The other week Daddy asked if you wanted to go for a family walk. You leapt off the couch and yelled, "Family Walk!" as you ran to get your shoes. You don't do very well taking family walks, as you want to run the entire time. You think you are a really big boy because we sometimes let you pee standing up. You also think you are a really big boy because you try your hardest to not use the wall or the rail when going up the stairs.

Every day it seems that you have mastered something new and wonderful that turns you more and more into a little boy instead of the baby that I brought home. Regardless of how old you get, you will always be by sweetie Gus.

I love you,

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