Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Diabetics at the pool

Jon met someone at the pool last night. Jon recognized an insulin pod on this person's arm and they talked for a little bit. Apparently, he is in his early 30's and was diagnosed with Type 1.5 about 4 months ago. This man seemed interested to know that I was involved in Minimed's clinical trial and gave Jon his contact information to pass along to me.

This man has a blog, so I quickly perused it. There were some things on his blog that really jumped out at me that made me think that I wouldn't get along with this guy. The feeling I get from his blog is that he sees being on insulin as a weakness and a failure, which really gave me a sour taste in my mouth regarding him. He also stated, very recently on his blog that he really has his numbers under control, to which my thought was, "You're still in the honeymoon period". He's a really good (in my opinion) athlete and is on a really low dose of insulin (less than 10 units per day). He follows a low-carb diet, is a juicer and his goal to be on as little insulin as possible.

As I was reading his blog I was really questioning reaching out to him, but I've given it some more though and have come up with some ideas:
  •  Perhaps control in men IS easier than in a woman because of the hormone fluctuations that we have.
  • If this man is looking to connect with other insulin-dependent diabetics, it will not hurt me to email him. He may decide not to pursue conversations with me, but I don't think it would be right to not contact him just based on his blog.
  • I've never really been a huge advocate or researcher into diabetes topics. Is it because I was diagnosed so young (age 2) so it's all I really know?
  • I have no memory of being diagnosed, so am I really the right person to be connecting with a newly diagnosed individual?
  • Is diabetes just so old news to me that I've lost the drive to find others "like me"?
  • I will email this man. At a minimum, he seemed interested in my time in the clinical trial, so I will share what my experiences were, and if that's the farthest our conversation goes, then so be it.

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