Monday, April 22, 2013

RE Appointment: What do we do now?

My head exploded this morning. I grew an egg and ovulated all on my own.

Yesterday morning I took a pregnancy test, just to confirm that we weren’t pregnant. Despite the fact that I knew I wasn’t pregnant (Jon and I were supposed to keep up a regular schedule to try to get our miracle, but that really didn’t happen). So, I knew that the test wouldn’t be positive, but I couldn’t help hoping beyond hope that a second line would appear. So, with my negative HPT, this morning, I figured, would go like this.

  • u/s so that the docs could see what was going on in my body
  • Prescription for provera, to be taken for 5 days, to induce a CD1
  • Prescription for follistim to be started on CD3
  • Call on CD1 to schedule u/s for CD3

That’s not what happened AT ALL! Dr. P began the u/s and she said that my lining was really thick. I told her that it should be, as I’m on CD34 after stopping birth control. She then stated that we’re a few days early to start treatments as my period is on its way. She should see some fluid floating around my uterus and she could see that I had ovulated!!!! This just blows my mind. I grew an egg and ovulated all on my own. This never happens. I’m happy that my body did something it was supposed to, but this totally messes up our entire plan for treatments going forward. If my body’s able to produce an egg without stimulation, how do we move forward?

Option1-Unmedicated Cycle: Once I start my period, schedule CD11 u/s. If I’m growing something, still trigger ovulation and perform IUI. If we get to my day 11 u/s and I’m not growing anything, we would need to induce a period before trying a different treatment option, I think. We have an email in to the doctor to confirm if we need to have a new CD1 prior to starting oral meds or if we can start oral meds that day.

Option 2-Oral medication: Once I start my period, take letrozole on CD3-CD7 and schedule a CD11 u/s. If I’m growing something, trigger ovulation and perform IUI. If I’m not growing anything, we can begin follistim that day.

Option 3-Injectables: Once I start my period, schedule a day 3 u/s with labs and begin injections on CD3.

Here are the issues. We don’t know if I’ll ovulate on my own again. So, if we choose option 1, and I don’t grow anything, we’re looking at waiting, possibly, another month before we start treatments. If we choose option 2, and I don’t grow anything, we’ve only delayed treatments by 11 days. On the other hand, if I’m growing on my own AND taking femara am I more likely to grow multiple mature eggs? We want to conceive and bring home ONE child. If option 1 or option 2 works, that saves a whole ton of money over option 3, which is $3000 per cycle.

Like I stated above, I’m glad that my body’s done something that it was supposed to do, buy why did I have to do it now, when it completely messes up the plans that we’ve made and the fertility treatments that we know have worked in the past? I thought we were going to move forward with a solid plan. I don’t need a rollercoaster with my fertility treatments, there’s going to be enough of that during a pregnancy.

So, instead of taking some pills and inducing a period, I’m waiting for my CD1, an email back from Dr. P and some sign from above about which option to go forward with

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