Monday, April 22, 2013

RE Appointment: The Updated Plan

We heard back from our fertility doctor. A plan has been decided.

“It is always more likely to get a singleton if your body grows the egg on its own because it usually just grows one egg” and “You would need to come in for a day 11 scan and potentially we could add letrozole then if nothing grows on its own” were the statements that decided Option 1 for us. Jon and I really want to be pregnant, but we also want to get pregnant with one so that we can bring that child home. If my body did something on its own, I feel we have to give it one more chance to do it again before messing with my hormone levels.

So, I’ve faxed off my ovidrel prescription, have notified our fertility clinic that we’re doing an unmedicated cycle and wait….and try not to be as nervous as all get-out. Part of me is really hopeful that my body will grow one healthy egg. We will still do a trigger and IUI, so I’m not as concerned, right now, about the actual getting pregnant, as double IUIs have worked for us in the past (knocking on wood right now). I’m most concerned with growing one, and only one, egg. If my body does what it’s supposed to, then we would have an IUI around May 9, which would mean HPT and beta around May 23. If I’m not growing anything on my own, I’ll be disappointed. I’ll feel let down that my body did what it was supposed to, for once, and we missed our opportunity. If that’s the case, then we’ll start letrozole that day and have a “new” CD11 u/s to see if my body responds. If the letrozole worked, then we’d IUI around May 17 with test/beta around May 31. If letrozole doesn’t work, I’m not sure if we can go straight to injectables or not. If I don’t need to induce a CD1, and we can start injectables right away, then we would have IUI’s around May 26 with test/beta around June 9.

This varies greatly from what I had expected. I expected to do IUIs around May 12, with test/beta around May 28. I guess in the grand scheme of things, there isn’t a huge difference between May 28 and June 9, which is a good thing. I just really hope that the universe isn’t just trying to teach me a lesson in not getting my hopes up or counting my chickens before their hatched. I’ve had that happen already. I don’t need another lesson…and I should be able to feel some of the ignorantly blissful people trying to have a baby.

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  1. I wish we *could* feel that blissful ignorance that so many other people seem to come by so easily. It's good to have a plan though, and even potential dates as you move forward; very exciting! I'm hoping my appointment tomorrow will give me some of that forward movement.