Thursday, April 11, 2013

Failing at March of Dimes

I feel terrible that we've not raised more money for March of Dimes this year. Our first year walking (2011), we didn't really do any fundraising, we made a donation to some friends of ours and crashed the walk...we weren't even registered.

Last year, we got the whole family involved. We used Gus' fundraising page and were able to donate almost $400 to the March of Dimes.

This year, with the walk a month away, counting our $100 donation, we're raised $20. That's it. $20 to help save babies so that they can be born healthy and go home with their families. I know the walk is still a month away, but the economy is crappy and people don't have lots of extra money around to donate to every thing that comes their way. I know that any money donated will be greatly appreciated, but I guess I had higher hopes this year that Gus would be able to donate over $500.


  1. It is not in Gus' name but we have raised nearly $1000 unless I some how don't count.

    1. You do count, but it's not something we did as a family. You've raised that money through your work. WE haven't done anything as a family to really raise money. You are correct that on paper, our family is donating all that money, but I'm lamenting what we have (or haven't) done off paper, as a family to raise money.