Sunday, May 26, 2013


It's been three days since I was supposed to have ovulated after taking the trigger shot on Tuesday evening, and, so far, my stress has been manageable. I've taken 3 HPT's, and they've all been positive, as expected. I was surprised that even on Friday (1dpo) that the second line took a little time to appear. The test on Saturday was significantly lighter than Friday, but then today the line was just a little lighter than yesterday. I'm not certain, but I may stop testing every day once I know the the trigger has left my body. That way, I don't get too upset with all those negatives, as it's really the one on June 6 that matters. That way, I think, I can keep hope alive for a few days before the official test.

I think once I know the trigger leaves my body, that's when the real stress is going to be felt. I know in my head that I have no control over this. I know that whether or not I'm pregnant is already established, and that it's just a matter of time before it's detectable. This cycle may not have worked at all, with our IUI on Wednesday morning and then TI on Thursday evening, but I can't help but hope and try to be positive. While I'm hoping that this cycle works, I also hope that I'm not deluding myself and that I won't be crushed when I take "the real" test.

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