Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hello, Follistim

We had our u/s this morning to see if I grew any follicles after using femara. Nothing. My lining was only 4.55 and there were no follicles greater than 10mm. So, tomorrow night we start follistim again.

I really am just so sick and tired of the rollercoaster. If I'm supposed to be learning something from this hope/fail ride that I'm on, I'm completely missing the lesson. Why would I ovulate on my own and give me hope to just have femara do completely nothing for me and we have to do follistim anyway? I just don't understand. Why did my body have to ovulate when we were going to need to do follistim anyway? At a minimum, we would have saved me from getting my hopes up, not to mention the $700 that we spent on ultrasounds and medication.

So, I start follistim tomorrow and we go in for labs and u/s on Sunday, which totally sucks because that's the day that we're hosting Gus' double-date at our house. We have our appt at 8:15, and I told parents they could start dropping off their kids at 9...I hope the clinic is running on time.

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