Monday, May 27, 2013

Diabetes Sucks

Today has been a crappy day for my diabetes.

Today we had a Memorial Day Ceremony sponsored by our local The Compassionate Friends. The ceremony is held at the park outside the zoo. The original plan was to attend the ceremony, have a picnic lunch with friends, and depending on time go through the zoo. Due to the weather, that plan had to be altered.

Instead of holding the ceremony on the grass, near the park, the ceremony was held in side the shelter. Since we parked our van close to the shelter, we didn't feel it necessary to bring all the stuff from the van to the ceremony. Immediately after the ceremony ended, another family and ours walked across the bridge to see the benches that have our heavenly kids names on them, while Jon went to the van to drop off our blanket, ceremony program and flowers received during the ceremony.

I didn't say anything to Jon, and he didn't think of it either, but he didn't bring Gus' travel bag, which had my meter in it, or the cooler with our lunch in it. While we were on the bench side of the bridge, the other family said that they were still going to go through part of the zoo, so we decided to go with them and just buy lunch at the concession stand and I would just wing my insulin dose to cover the food I'd eaten.

Well, I think I did okay, except for the fact that when I did test my blood sugar when we got back to the van I tested and was over 200. So, I took some insulin via my pump and we headed home. I was super tired, so while Gus napped, so did I. When I awoke, I wasn't feeling very well, so I checked my sensor, which stated that I was over 240. I tested and was still high, so I took a corrective bolus. I was still feeling bad (nausea, headache, needing to pee, and just generally feeling crappy).

After taking some doses by overriding my pump, and I still wasn't coming down, I knew it was time to take more action. I went downstairs, grabbed a syringe and new infusion set. I took an injection of insulin, so to circumvent the pump entirely, and then set to work on changing out the infusion set that I had just put in this morning. When I pulled the infusion set out, there was some blood in it. I must have nicked either a vein or scar tissue, which was causing issues with how my insulin was being absorbed by my body.

Now, a little over two hours later, my blood sugar is coming down, I don't feel quite as crappy, and I'm thoroughly annoyed that I didn't change my infusion set before nap (I thought I had just misjudged how many carbs I ate at lunch) and somewhat fearful that if we are pregnant right now, then I'm causing damage to our developing child.

Diabetes just sucks.

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