Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hard Mornings

I very much dislike mornings like today. Gus had about 5 tantrums this morning, all between 6am and 7:20am...and I don't know why.

Gus woke up happy. The alarm when off and I immediately got in the shower, like I do every work morning. After I was dressed, I headed downstairs, while Jon began getting ready for the day. When Jon came downstairs, he told me that Gus was awake, in his room, singing to himself. I don't know how it went from singing to crying so quickly.

At every opportunity that Gus could make a good choice or poor choice, he decided to make a poor choice. I think he must have ingested some no-listen/slow-moving juice overnight, or something. Tantrum over getting dressed. Tantrum over making breakfast. Tantrum over his orange at breakfast. Tantrum over getting his shoes on. Some tears in the car upon realizing that his travel cup, which contained the orange, was not in the van with us.

I really, really don't like mornings like today. I think I did okay in trying to keep my calm, and get Gus calmed down, but it still feels icky to know that's how we started the day. I love Gus so much, he is such a good helper and sweetie-head, but I just have to remember that he's not yet 3, and we will have days like this. I need to remember to tell him, even on days like this that I love him, no matter what.


  1. I am very familiar with mornings like that! My little guy likes to choose mornings when I'm along (and my husband is at work) to have complete meltdowns. On the bright side, I think it means our toddlers are completely normal!!

    1. Thanks for your comment; it did make me smile, because these are normal for the age, but it certainly doesn't make it any easier, especially when Gus threw another tantrum at day care at pick-up that lasted about 35 minutes. Luckily, this morning we had none, so I think that's a great improvement!