Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Capture Your Grief 2016-Day 11: Creative Heartwork

This post is part of Carly Marie's Capture Your Grief.

Have you done anything special to memorialize your child? Maybe you got a tattoo or commissioned a piece of art to be created. Maybe you have a special piece of jewelry to remember them by or created a garden.

I have so many pieces of jewelry to remember my kids, and we had a custom piece of art made to include our entire family.

I have a pair of rubies for Oscar and Bella. A pair of green garnet/peridot earrings for Tittle and Gus. I will eventually get a pair of earrings for Firefly and Lucy. I'm not sure if we'll do pearl/opal or alexandrite/tourmaline yet. I also have a necklace that began with a pearl that was Jon's wedding gift to me. For our first anniversary he had the pearl set in a circle of diamonds, called Circle of Love. Over time, he has had 8 of the diamonds replaced. It is the one piece of jewelry I have that includes ALL the Powvens family. I have a bracelet that one of my sisters gave me at Oscar's and Bella's memorial service-a heart with Oscar's name engraved on one side and Bella's on the other. And lastly, I'm working on a Pandora bracelet to include all the Powvens but me. I'm still needing Lucy's color bead and Firefly's animal bead.

Jon and I also had a piece of art commissioned by Farhad Foroutanian, who created a piece called Lost Child in 2007 for UNICEF. Using that piece as inspiration, he created a custom piece to include all 8 of us.

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