Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Jon and I went in last Wednesday (June 12) for our CD3 u/s. RE told us that the only thing that could prevent us from being able to move forward with treatments this cycle would be a leftover cyst from our Firefly cycle.

Thankfully, there were no cysts! But, then my E2 levels came back at 111, which is the highest my starting E2 has ever been. I think most docs like to see E2 under 75 on CD3, as E2 suppresses FSH. I messaged Doc to ask if this starting level would negatively impact our cycle. His response was only if we were trying to grow a boatload of eggs...yes, he used the word boatload :) So, that night I began my alternating doses of 50 and 25 units of Follistim. Saturday evening it felt like I was having some twinges in the ovary area, so I was super excited for our CD7 u/s on Sunday (yes, Father's Day).

My lining looked great! It jumped from less than 3mm to 6mm in only 4 days, which shouldn't be surprising with my high E2 levels. But then RE began to look at my ovaries. One was quiet, no growth. We were hopeful that with my wacky dosing we were only growing one egg and it was on the other ovary. But that would not be the case. Both ovaries were growing nothing. RE said he'd have to wait and see what my E2 came back at before determining dose and next visit. So, I left the appointment deflated. My E2 levels came back at 100, so dropping. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Good so that the follistim works or bad because the follistim hasn't been working. After the doc reviewed my E2, he decided that I'd take 50 units on Sunday and Monday and return today.

All day Sunday I just felt down. I hate feeling like an experiment. Back in 2009, it seemed like we found what worked to get us pregnant, so why aren't we getting pregnant as easily now. Change that, we did get pregnant, but the pregnancy didn't even make it out of the gates. So, why is it more difficult this cycle to grow eggs? I know the scientific reasons, but why does everything involving conceiving kids for us have to be so challenging?

So, we went in today. Lining has gone down to 4.14mm and there's still no growth. We asked RE at what point do we just stop this cycle and call it done prior to inducing AF and starting fresh. He indicated that there really wasn't a reason to scrap this cycle. The high E2 level on CD3 can cause less response from the follistim, and the high E2 just happens sometimes. He also explained that every cycle can be very different and that just because something worked before, it doesn't mean it will work again. He also talked about the magic dose. Each person, each cycle, has a magic dose that is exactly what is needed to produce eggs. Most people, he said, start at 150 or 200 units of follistim per day. I need much, much less than that. Jon and I also surmised that taking into consideration that we want ONE egg, we need to be conservative. And I guess this is what conservative feels like...feeling like we're not moving anywhere. We just need to keep going in for u/s and E2 levels until we find my magic dose for this cycle.

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