Thursday, June 6, 2013

Why will this rollercoaster not end?

I tested positive yesterday and today at home, so since today was 14dpo, I called the fertility clinic and scheduled my blood draw, which came back at 22.5 mIU/ml.

This was totally not what I was expecting the results to be. I know that 22.5 is within the normal range, but it is definitely too low for me. Around 100 would have been good for me. Are we experiencing a chemical pregnancy? Did I implant late and was the cramping I had on 7dpo not really implantation cramping? Am I a slow-starter for hcg and we just did the blood test early?

With Oscar and Bella, we had our blood test at 17dpo and with Gus and Tittle it was 16dpo, so I really don't have a true frame of reference for what my starting hcg levels are. So, we go back on Monday (18dpo) for another test. If I'm doubling every 2 days, I should be at 90, which is still really low for me to be comfortable. Because we know that anything can go wrong at any time, we have already shared our pregnancy with family and friends, but also to ask for support in the case that this little one joins Oscar, Bella and Tittle. If you pray, please pray for us, that this is just some early pregnancy drama that we will look back at, once we have this baby home, and say, "You've been a stinker your entire life!"

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