Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It's Official...and One More Week

All pre-employment hurdles have been cleared. We are writing an offer on a house in Iowa. We are listing our current home for sale to be on the market next week.

Jon got the all clear earlier today. I told one of my bosses (who will be out on Friday) and will tell my other boss on Friday (she will be out until then). Now comes the stress of the actual selling/buying of homes and the move. It looks like my last day in the office will be March 25, but I will use paid leave to extend my official termination date to April 2. This is so that I can carry the health insurance through the end of April and Jon's can begin on May 1. There may be a bright spot in that if we move in March (which we're hoping to do) I can change my health insurance plan to the national plan for April, so the docs will be covered in Iowa!!! The only downfall is that the national plan is much more expensive. But, I'll take it so that I can get my first trimester screen done without worrying about paying out of pocket for it. Now I just need to wait to hear back if the docs in the next town can provide me care.

In one week we have our 7w u/s. I haven't really bonded much with this pregnancy. Part of it is the stress of the IA move, but I think the other part is my fear that we're going to lose this baby. I keep waffling how I feel. By moving to IA, away from the medical care that I know, it's a sign that we're going to get to keep this baby. But life is random and where I live has nothing to do with whether we bring Bean home or not.

One more week until we see a heartbeat.


  1. Wow. That is A LOT to be going through all at once. I hope you get the house you're putting an offer on and that your house sells quickly and easily. Congrats on the new job. So exciting.

  2. Lot going on! Congrats on your pregnancy!

  3. Yay! Congrats and good luck with your move to Iowa.