Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Road Trip

Today we begin the road trip for Jon's interview. You know, the one in a completely different state. We're planning on leaving around 8:15am, stopping for lunch, letting Gus nap in the van, and arriving in town around 2pm.

At 3pm we have our first of four showings today with a local realtor. Then dinner with Jon's prospective boss. Tomorrow Jon has a 1/2 day of interviews with different people at the company while I meet with the HR person and go look at 5 more houses. Then it's time to come home. Please wish us luck.

Luck that the drive will go well and Gus will be entertained in the car. Luck that looking at the houses goes well. Luck that Jon does AWESOME during the interview. Luck that the benefits will line up with what we are hoping for and need. Luck that this all goes well.

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