Monday, February 3, 2014

1.5 more days

In one-and-a-half days I'll be able to take my HPT and (hopefully) know, with relative certainty, whether or not I'm pregnant.

Similar to last weekend we had plans, so Saturday and Sunday flew by. Now, it's already almost 3pm on Monday-thank goodness for a busy Monday to keep my mind occupied! Jon thinks the test will be positive. I think it will be negative, but I'm really hopeful that it will be positive, so I'll be crying Wednesday morning either way--crushed because it's negative or elated because it's positive.

Tonight is a regular night at home.

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my diabetes nurse educator at the high-risk pregnancy clinic. I'm so tempted to ask her to do a beta for me!!! In the evening I have infertility support group (hopefully my last).

Then it's Wednesday--test day.

It seems like such a short amount of time when the events of the day are listed out, but it's so far away because it's not NOW.

38 hours and counting.

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