Tuesday, February 4, 2014

So, I tested early

After infertility group I got home (around 7:45pm) and told Jon that if I was testing early (he's been wanting me to test since Saturday) I needed to test then because I had to pee.

Instead of my usual FRER, I used a cheapie, internet strip. I looked at it for 2 minutes before Jon came in and said that he would keep watching it so that I could be part of at least some of Gus' bedtime routine. When I left, there was only one line. When Jon came in 3 minutes later, he gave me a kiss and told me that there was a faint line.

After Gus was tucked into bed and final good-nights were said, I headed to the bathroom to look at the test--yes, after the 5-minute reading window. It was not an obvious positive. I wanted an obvious positive. While there is a second line, it's not dark and strong like I wanted it to be. Granted, it wasn't FMU, but still, I hadn't gone pee forever today.

I sent Jon out to buy a FRER for tomorrow morning (since I'm more used to what their lines look like) and we will take another round of tests in the morning, with both FRER and internet-cheapie. At this point, it is a positive test, but I'm definitely not excited about it considering what happened with Firefly. I"m hoping that tomorrow's line is darker and the test is more definitive.

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