Wednesday, July 10, 2013

And here we go again

I've been doing reasonable well this cycle, at least better than last cycle when I was obsessively taking pictures of HPTs and then making the pics negative. The trip to the cottage really helped take my mind off the TWW, but now this has started.

I went to the bathroom and when I wiped there was pink-tinged mucus. Is this implantation bleeding? Is this the start of AF? I've had implantation bleeding with one of my pregnancies , so it's not as if I can state "Every time I've gotten pregnant I've had implantation bleeding", but the coloring just now was similar to what it was when I had it in the past. But when I ovulated on my own i spotted for SEVERAL days before AF showed up. I think what irritates me the most is that I was doing fairly well with waiting this cycle out.

On a more (hopeful) positive note, Jon has had two "hellos" from Bella and one from Tittle today during his business trip. He was a sign for "Bella Vista" and one other hello, as well as driving by Hummingbird Lane. Jon's hoping that this is a good sign. I'm hoping that I can remain calm and sane until Saturday morning. I'm hoping that I can fight the urge to keep running to the bathroom all the time so that I can check for more spotting. But, what I'm really, honestly hoping, is what is already known, that we are pregnant with a child that we get to bring home and raise.

Saturday, please come quickly.


  1. It's so hard not to over-interpret every little sign when you want something sooo bad. I'm keeping everything crossed for you Brianna - roll on Saturday!

  2. Thanks, Sadie. I've feeling pretty negative right now, as there has been more spotting this morning (see future blog post coming later today). I know this can still be implantation bleeding, but I think I'm just going to start preparing for a negative on Saturday :(