Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Yesterday morning, 10 minutes after I sat down at my desk for work, Jon called.

"What day is our next (fertility) appointment?"


"I need to get on a plane today and I'll be back on Wednesday night."

That is not how I like to start a Monday.

Backing up, on Saturday we had our very first soccer practice, Jon as coach and Gus as a player. It was so adorable to see these 3-year-olds running around the field playing games like "Robot Coach" "Walk your animal" and "Zig Zags". I think it's safe to say that after practice, all the kids were excited for their first scheduled game on Sunday.

On Sunday morning we had our monitoring appointment. Lining decreased from 6.68mm to 4.48mm, but went from homogenous to multi-layer, so I'm hoping that's a good thing. Still no measurable follicles, but my E2 went from 117.8 to 148.5, so keeping on 75units of follistim and I go back tomorrow morning. I'm REALLY hoping that there is something measurable tomorrow. I'm still walking the fine line between being hopeful and being utterly and completely negative that we'll ever bring home another child.

Also on Sunday, Gus decided that he does not want to receive stickers or m&m's for going potty anymore. I don't know where this came from, or why, but it makes me a little sad.We used the charts as a way to make potty training fun, and begin teaching Gus about working towards goals. But, if he's not interested in doing them, we won't force him. I think it will take a little while for him to be completely done, as he asked for his m&m and sticker last night before bed.

Later in the afternoon, Keegan (assistant coach) came over in preparation of the game at 5pm. Unfortunately, the storm clouds rolled in and the game was rained out. Keegan and Gus ended up playing in the basement, but I was saddened that we didn't get to watch the kids play soccer :( Later that night, Gus mentioned something about having Keegan come over again. This resulted in Jon and Gus calling Keegan on the phone to tell him, "Will you come to my house more often, please?" which was absolutely too cute. I then asked Gus if he loved Keegan, which elicited an, "I love you, Keegan" into the phone. How did my little baby turn into such a big boy?

And then Monday came. I understand that Jon works for a company that serves clients across the nation. I understand that Jon is revenue-producing member of the company. I do not understand why Jon has spent 25%, so far, of his time traveling for work. There have been 145 working days so far this year; Jon has spent 36 of them on the road. When he was hired, it was advertised as 10-15% travel. If Jon travels no more the entire year he will be at 14% travel for the year, which is within range, but we already know he will be gone for one week in August...and the year isn't over yet. It's hard for Jon to be away from home. It's hard for Jon to hear what I'm doing alone with Gus. It's hard for me to single-parent when he's away.

And, to top it all off, my rss feeder is down unexpectedly for the next few days...ugh!

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