Monday, July 8, 2013

Guest Blog and Other Ramblings

My guest blog post is up at No Good Eggs!!!

In other ramblings, I'm really hoping that this paragraph, from this article, explains why my blood sugars are going completely crazy.

 "When the egg first implants in your uterus, it secretes a hormone that tells the ovary to make more progesterone. This is the hormone that prepares the uterus to be full of extra tissue and blood to receive the egg, if it is fertilized. Progesterone counters the action of insulin. So when your progesterone levels rise, you may need to take more insulin."
My sensor readings for the last 24 hours
It feels like my bolus ratios are just out of control, and that once I get my blood sugars down to a good level, they don't stay that way. And, of course, this causes me all sorts of worry. Right now I'm 9dpo, so am right in the middle of the implantation window. So, when I have time to think, my brain goes into overdrive (thus these ramblings). When I ovulated on my own, I was running high all the time and certainly did not get pregnant. With firefly, my sugars were fine all during the TWW. This time my blood sugars are just wonky. I'll be fine, I won't be fine, I'll be fine, I won't be fine, I'll be fine. If I am pregnant, then that causes me to worry that there will be irreparable damage done to this baby because I'm not keeping my sugars in good control right now. Do you see all those little lines at the bottom of the pump screen? That indicates that I've taken a bolus. What the medical professionals recommend is that if you are correcting a high, you should not take a correction less than 2 hours apart, as this will give the insulin time to work and bring the blood sugar down. Well, today, I'm saying, "Screw that!" I don't feel good when I'm run this high for so long. I feel anxiety over what I'm doing to my body, as well as the body that is trying to develop.

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