Thursday, January 16, 2014

Good and Bad

Today's u/s and labs were both good and bad.

  • My scan wasn't done by a doc, but instead by the RN. She's a very nice woman, I have no issues with her, but I like dealing with my docs (Note: this is only the third scan done since 2009 that wasn't done by one of the docs, and one of those was supervising RN during the scan).
  • Follicles still aren't breaking away.

  • Lining has improved to 8.7mm
  • Dr. P drew my labs this morning and only had to poke me once. The vein she chose was the one on the outer left, so the area was already bruised from prior attempts.
  •  RN was able to measure some follicles. They were all less than 10mm, so not sure how many the docs would have measured if they were doing the scan. There are several follicles on the verge of breaking away, but nothing definite. And we just need one or two, not more than that.
My estrogen came back at 987.9, which is a huge jump from 2 days ago when it was 445.9. EEK!! So, my dosage for tonight and tomorrow is down to 75 and I go back in on Saturday.

Summary of this cycle so far:

CDLiningFollicles MeasuredE2Follistim
77.08 Multi-layered215.2125
97.5 Multi-layered445.9125
118.7 Multi-layeredL: 9.93, 9.26, 8.98, R: 9.54, 8.2987.975


  1. You're lucky! I never had a "wanding" by the RE, they were all done by the ultrasound tech--she could actually tell me if I had cysts and the cycle wouldn't proceed on day 3 before the doc called me. I loved it! Looks good! Your E2 is doubling daily so I bet you will have all 5 follicles ready to go on your next scan!

  2. When we started treatments in 2009 there were 2 fertility clinics in our city. One was (kind-of) covered by our insurance and one wasn't, so we chose the one that was covered and have been with them ever since. They are a married couple, both RE's, have both been through (unsuccessful) fertility treatments. This has had an impact (emotionally and business-wise) on how they practice. They want to interact with the patients, thus they do the appointments themselves, and they'd need to have the income and patient flow to justify having another person staffed to do the scan. Now that they're getting busier (and they have 2 kids at home), they like to occasionally take a day off together. So, I guess that's what this Saturday is.

    As for the 5 follies being ready to go at my next scan...that's what I'm worried about...I don't want all 5 to keep growing. I want 1-2 to take off and leave the others behind. We'll see tomorrow.