Monday, January 13, 2014

So grateful for Gus

This weekend was really nice. We didn't necessarily do anything all that great, but it was just nice, we spent time together and had a good time.

Saturday we took Gus to the bank to open his first savings account. At birth my dad and step-mom opened up a college savings account, so any cash he's received up to this point has gone in there. Since Christmas, though, he's been talking about saving his money to buy more magnatiles. So, we started giving him an allowance ($3/week) to begin talking about money and money management.

We arrived at the bank and Gus was super cute. He wanted to sit in the chair that spun, which Jon gave him rides on, while we did the set-up. When we asked him to count his money for the banker, he did so and was so proud of his $6. Jon and I, also, kick-started his bank account with $5 (the minimum balance for his savings account is $5.

After the bank, we headed home to watch Despicable Me. This coming Saturday we're attending a fundraiser for Mikayla's Grace. This will be Gus' first time watching a movie at a theater!! The movie will be Despicable Me 2, so we though it wise to watch the first one. It was so nice to sit next to Gus on the couch sharing a big bowl of popcorn with him. In the afternoon we played. Nothing that spectacular, but just nice times together.

On Sunday, we had my RE appointment. When we returned home, Gus and I make some apple cupcakes/muffins from my Christmas-gift cookbook. He's been wanting to make these since, I think, Tuesday. Gus was such a great helper, we had a good time baking together, and I'm glad we both got the time to spend together in a good way.

After Gus woke up from nap, we had a birthday party to attend. It absolutely made my heart smile to see Gus running around in this other boy's house, playing, having fun and truly enjoying himself. At the same time, my heart winces from missing Tittle, Oscar and Bella. To see a glimpse of what it could be like to have two of the same age playing together, I think, will always sting. After the party we headed home for a simple dinner, more play-time with Gus and that was the end of the weekend.

Now, this is not all to say that every moment of the weekend was great and spectacular. Gus did have his moments of crying in protest, trying to have power struggles and not listening to us and being a 3-year-old. And, yes, we do have the injections and stress of fertility treatments going on, but overall, this weekend was just, plain, nice. I'm so grateful that I have this wonderful little boy on Earth.

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